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CONCENTRATED coconut oil?? WTF?


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Ok, I've just gotta ask you all before I go off on a tangent here (because I don't really know everything, lol)...

Is there or is there not such a thing as CONCENTRATED coconut oil?? While still being called all-natural, mind you.

There's an ebay listing for 16 oz of coconut oil for a $19 'buy it now' price. When I saw that, I was like "OMG!! wtf!!" So I emailed the seller and asked them, quote:

Hi, I'm just wondering what sort of coconut oil this is, for it to be practically $20 per pound. Thanks!

Well, the seller just emailed me back this reply:

It is concentrated and natural. No additives. I paid $32 for this.

Hope that answers your question.

What in the world is this person trying to pull?? And how can this be allowed? ALL of the coconut oil I've seen fits the above description, yet wal-mart sells it for approx $1.50/lb (give or take) and online suppliers aren't much higher.

And what's the deal with "It is concentrated..." ???


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