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My first chunk


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I made a strawberry kiwi pillar(from the peak kit) the other night and poured the extra wax into a muffin pan. I cut those into chunks today and poured just wax over them and got this. I think it came out great! Only the chunks are scented, but you can really smell them. I haven't burned it yet though. I can't wait to make more, I really like the look of these.


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Looks good.

I can show you a way with that pillar to make more of the chunks to show up. If I get a chance I will make a chunk then post pics of what I'm talking about.

I do this because I think it's a waste, to put time consuming chunks into a pillar, only to have a few to show up.

BTW - I charge more for my chunks because of the time it take to make the chunks.

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I can see the chunkies in your candle just fine!!!! It seems like your method really worked well for you...that's one beautiful candle, and I bet it smells fabulous! You're doing great!!!

Producing that one candle that you really love is so encouraging! It means you're going to keep going, and make MORE!!!

I have not yet made tilted layers, rustics, or chunkies, and I've been at the candle thing for about 2.5 years...I've done votives, TONS of container candles (my favorite), tarts, and have been getting the itch to attempt pillars. Maybe you can help me as I fumble around in my quest for creating a nice tilted layered rustic pillar...or some cute chunk candles. :P:)

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