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What do individual soap molds look like?


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I'm new at this and I'm currently in the researching and reading stage before I make soap. My question is, what do individual soap molds look like? I've seen the shoe box/wooden molds, but I don't want my soap to look like that squared/rectangular shape from those molds. I want the bar to look like oval or rounded on the corners, like store-bought bars, or at least smaller rectangular bars. Is this possible?

If so, can someone post a picture or a link to what that type of mold looks like and where I can get them? Thanks!

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Great! Thank you! When pouring the CP soap, what is the best way to make several individual bars using those molds? Do you put many molds in a big container and just pour the soap, or do you meticulously pour soap carefully in each mold?


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I purchased a butterfly mold from MMS and I had problems getting the soap out. The soap was ruined but it worked very well for huge bath bombs!..still want to make soap with it though.:mad:

I have that same mold and I have the same problem with it. However, I can not even get it to work for bath bombs.

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