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CD wicks and square mason jars

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I'm looking for wick recommendations for the 8 oz. square mason jars. I'm going to be using some fairly rich food/bakery smells in my C-3 soy wax, and I'd really like to get the wicking down in these containers. So far I've wicked 8 oz. jj's and 16 oz. apothecaries, but I like the primitive look of the square masons. Currently I'm using CD's, but would be willing to branch out to HTP's if necessary. Would I be on the right track to try a CD 16 or CD 18 first? Remember, heavy FO is what I'll be using.


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I'm using a 50/50 blend of EZ-Soy and J50. I seem to be having the best luck with CD-16 wicks. With the CD-14 I was having a small issue with wax hanging up in the corners after a few test burns.

On my CD wicks I never tried twisting them either. I'm going to try giving that a shot on my next batch.:smiley2:

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I just looked back in my notes & i used cd-12 & cd-14's - i also use EZ Soy Wax; they burned perfectly!

Never heard of the twisting of the wick before either, but am gonna try that - i have been putting the ^ more toward the back of the candle & that has really made a difference for me.


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