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I am curious...

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I have a question for those of you that use the 8oz square mason jars. I have always used the 8 oz crystal jj and they sell wonderful for me but those square mason are just too cute. I am not thinking of changing but would not mind making some and just seeing how my customers like them and go from there. They sure are cheaper than what I have been buying mine for. I have read on a lot of posts that some of you had trouble with wicking them. I use 223 and zinc wicks with my jj so I am going to start with appx same wick and test there but was just curious about trouble you all have had what is the pain with these?

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These are not too hard to wick. The problem is that sometimes you can get some soot because of the narrower opening. So, it may not be quite as easy to wick as a regular jj. I carry the square masons though and love them. They wick about 1 size up from the regular 8 oz jj :)

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Thanks so much for your comments! I have carried the jj now for about 3 1/2 years with my apothecarys of course but I am soooo ready for a little change. I,( and I am admitting something here LOL) bought one from a festival I went to as a shopper not vendor from a candle maker. I love doing that so I can just see what else people are making out there anyway....

I thought it was the cutest jar and had the most personality!


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