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CandleScience has an awesome mistletoe! I tested BCN, Millcreek and Candlescience and CS won hands down for authenticity and throw (cold and hot). I use CB135.:yay:

Definately. I'm not a big FO user because I get sick of them so quick, but I bought a pound of this last year for xmas use and am looking forward to using it again. This smells "real". (Also glad its good in CB135 because thats probably what I'll be using).

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I dont see enough at candle science to make a order though, I have several suppliers and to add another is crazy unless they have 6 or so that i need and they dont. :cry2:

Keep checking back with them. They are constantly testing fragrances and will be adding more soon!

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I have so much Cranberry spice, my head is spinning so i keep coming up with new ways of getting rid of it.... Applejackpeel, there are a few good ones out there, and the gingerbread type may be good but its not a top seller. Thanks for the info though.

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