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c-3 Mystery story

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Made over 100 candles the last couple of days. 3 RED MAC AND 2 BROWN CANDLES didnt settle right. The 2 brown set after one re-melting. The Mac took 2 re-melts before it looked the way its suppose to. The others all set properly. Anyone??? Of course 36 5 ounce frosted some and all were redone and now perfect and they were done the same temp, the same wax, the same scent as the 16 ounce. :rolleyes2

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It's the little C-3 gremlins! They love doing stuff like that! When I pour cooler, mine sometimes don't settle correctly. Could it be the end of your pouring and it may have cooled a little? Still think it's the gremlins.:naughty:

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How were they setup on your pour area? If they were in the deep middel of the rows, the heat around them might have made them set up a little slower. I have no idea what you setup is.

Because I pour in a basement, my problems similar to that were quickly solved with a dehumidifyer. But if you don't pour in that sort of an area then no, it wouldn't be the problem.

I pour on a large pour table and the ones in center row are always the last to setup if I'm pouring 60 or so candles at one time.

I didn't pour at all during the heat wave because to humidity was 100% and the basement would get too hot. I was already sweating buckets without the stove being on to melt the wax and I didn't need a drop of sweat to ruin my candles. Even at night, it was 83 with 100% H. And I low on stock and shows coming up!

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