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Baby Shower Favors


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Hi Everyone,

I have been asked to make votive candles as favors for a baby shower.

I'm seeking your advise for what the best scent would be? I've seen

that there are baby magic and baby powder FO available, but I've never

tried any of these. Any FO and supplier suggestions would be greatly

appreciated. Thanks so much for your help!


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Hi Margo,

I get my Baby Powder FO from The CandleSource & it smells soooooooo good! For sure, all Baby Shower Favors should either be Baby Powder or Baby Magic - unless otherwise asked for a different FO. I'm working on 'new' Baby Shower Favors for my line as i've been asked - and Baby Powder is what i'll be doing.

Hope That Helps!


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My son and his wife just had my first grandbaby (boy) in May and I bought the following f/o's to make and give them a candle in each scent as part of a shower gift.

Baby Powder- BCN

Baby Hugs- Snowtop

Children's Room- NG

Snuggle Baby- KY

Baby Magic- JS

Cherish- JS

Now mind you my son looked forward to the Baby Magic the most as thats what I used on him as a baby.....BUT it wasn't strong enough, so out of ALL of them Baby Hugs was one of his favorites...... but it's Cherish he repeatly requests still ,although it's not a baby scent per se, but it easily fits that catagory.



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