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First Rustic Pillar attempt...


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I attached 2 pictures. Is this how "Rustics" should look?

I would love anyones input.

I used 4045H 3 TBSP stearic 1oz FO pp

This is scented Spiced Cranberry from Peaks.

I am pleased with this pillar...and thinking I need to buy 20 mold pillar molds!:)



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No Scented I was not I was just trying to get her to gently use a heat gun to soften up that frosting a bit I do it all the time and don't get the dribbly. It just takes practice and being very quick with a paper towel.

Oh I think I know of what you speak lol. I use it for texture. Heat till it sweats but doesn't run right?

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LOL thank you I am working on it later this weekend...

I actually like both pictures.and its burning beautifully!

even tho I have no idea what wick is in it because I bought this mold in the classys...and it had some wick with it...and Its a flat braid....but thats all I know..I did twist it too.

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so why would you heat gun it? i thought the purpose of rustics was to have all the white on it? and most people were upset to not get it - and your trying to remove it? i don't get that?

i think the candle on the left is perfect for a rustic - i wouldn't change a thing!!!!

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Actually you all have narrowed what a rustic should be down to a very small look when the only thing a rustic should be is a ruff looking pillar. The whole idea behind a rustic is a pillar that is not that smooth or glossy finish.

Now my perfect idea of a rustic is to have a little more color show through. But all I am doing with Kris is give her some techniques as she is just starting out making pillars. She can use them or not use them but I just want her to know them if case she does need them.

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