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Can you suggest a FO for this product?


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I'm going to offer, for Christmas, a prepackaged gift basket of limited holiday edition fragrances. I am doing a Warm Sweet Vanilla candle, then two fragrances in B&B products, probably lotion and shower gel.

The one I have already picked is Sugar Plum (the one from BCN), it's really sweet and light and plummy, and I'm looking for something spicy and really Christmasy for the foil fragrance. I ordered Christmas Cheer, but not only is it not skin safe, it's also too sweet. I'm looking for a spicy/piney/nutty fragrance, but without any bakery or sweet notes.

I have a great true walnut scent, a clove FO and a spice FO that I can use as mixers, but I can't find just a nice straightforward, non-bakery, non-citrusy or fruity Christmas scent.

I found a good description for what I want at Sweetcakes, called Nutcracker, but it's sooooo expensive there, esp. after you factor in shipping. Anyone have any ideas for me?

Here's the SC Nutcracker description:

Nutcracker embodies the wintertime holiday spirit with sparkling citrus top notes mingled with fir needles and mulberry spice, ending with a cozy blend of nutmeg and cinnamon. Use Nutcracker during the spring and summer to add a woodsy-berry note to blends.

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yeah call it spiced walnuts:grin2:

I think if I had to chose i would mix what you have. Then you have a unique fragrance they won't likely find anywhere else. Not to mention you saved on shipping and still have seperate fragrances to use at other times.



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