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Wick Question?

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If wicked properly, the wicks need minimal trimming. In our case, we use LX's. If I am burning votives, I usually have to "nip" a bit of the end off, just to keep the frayed ends from becoming a flaming mushroom during burn.

We have finally managed to wick a jar with LX's (hold the applause, please....still at mid-burn, which is usually where it all goes wrong! :laugh2:) and so far we have only needed to take a tiny bit of the tip off - it really does keep itself at a good length during burn.

I have never made a candle that didn't need some kind of trimming, even with the "self-trimming". I do feel better, tho, that if my customers don't trim at all, at least they will not end up with huge flames with these wicks.



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Pretty much what Jane42 said. Self-trimming wicks are usually wicks that bend a bit at the tip. This puts the tip of the wick into the hottest part of the flame where more complete combustion occurs, the tip of the wick basically burns off. However, minimal trimming is still sometimes required, I find more so on larger wicks than on smaller ones.

Stiffly cored wicks (zincs for example) stand straight and that keeps the wick in the coolest part of the flame, part of the reason why zincs are the coolest burning wicks :rolleyes2. It's a trade off though...cool mean incomplete combustion, which means mushrooms. They don't affect a darn thing, just aren't all that pretty sometimes. They will require much more trimming though, since the end of the wick does not burn offf much. HTH.

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I did notice that the wick does bend over a bit. I might have to wick down too. Isn't that false advertising. I was hoping never to have to trim my wick again, than I could burn all day long. Yes I am a marathon burner.... I am coming out of the closet.. But the house does smell great! I burned "Pure Seduction" today a Victoria Secret scent and it is awesome, but I really really like "Pink" :drool: I can't wait to burn that baby!..

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