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cpop(a dumb question)

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My dh is so impatient to use his new Axe soap. I JUST made it Sat. I thought I read somewhere a girl put her newly made soap in her car because of the heat wave and this would speed up the curing. Its been around 100 everyday this last week and it must be 150 in my car sitting in the sun all day. Is this true?

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Hi Jen!

First - there is no such thing as a dumb question! ;) Think of all the things we wouldn't have if such *dumb questions* weren't asked... :D

Second - I have heard of people doing this in the trunk of their car but I would worry about volcano effect going off in my car!! So I've been thinking that on one day when it's like 80* out and I can actually work in my work room without passing out, I'm going to try putting my grill out where it will be in the sun for most of the day and then leave it there over night and pop it out in the morning. I figure if it flows over, it's destined to be cleaned! :D But I can't see why you *couldn't* do CPOP in your car, I'd just be prepaired for everything/anything...

Life & Light!


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