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Hi, I am making votives today. I am getting a little better every time I make these but today I ran into another problem that I haven't seen before. I am using MP145, heated to 175 added FO and poured at 175. When I took them out of the mold I really don't know how to describe it other than the fact it looks like dry skin flakes on the sides of the votive. I wish I had a digital camera so I could show you all what I was talking about. Does anyone know what this could be? I did heat my mold before pouring. Thanks!:smiley2:

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Could it be you poured them a little too cool? You need the temp high enough to get a smooth surface. Pouring 145MP wax into a little votive mold at 175 sounds like the lower limit of what you might get away with. My instinct would be to pour it closer top 185.

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