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Wholesale I have question....

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I read the wholesaling 101 but today I went into a new store local here and they wanted some of my candles. I only showed today because I was not expecting to be hit with this, the 8 oz jelly size which I sell for 6. Anyway she liked them and wanted more. Fine I know my cost and all but my question is what do you do for a packet? What do you include? I am curious as to what I should offer. I want to do by the case but do you mix and match? DO you offer the display stand? I have to present her with something next week for her to decide if she wants them or not.

Thanks for inputs or directions!

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What you do and how you handle it is totally up to you. We do offer a stand if the store wants one. We also sell in cases of at least 4. It just rounds things up for us. Also, when you sell wholesale you make more money the more candles you sell. So selling them by the case, to us, we found is best. Once the store has a "relationship" established with us, then we allow them to mix n match the scents per case of candles. Until then, we require them to by 1 case of 4 per scent. We never sell on consignment because most places don't care about your candles and some don't even try to sell them.

Hope this helps...

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In my personal experience, I find that wholesalers like to buy in cases and if they can get a display in the price - all the better.

I don't do displays, but refer them to one of my close friends that do them (then they offer a discount if they buy more than 3 cases of my candles) and then offer them the case of candles (which is 36 tins total - 6 per scent, so 6 scents per case)


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