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For those who don't know me my name is Kris Kackley and I work for gateway. We sell all Golden Brand's products and will be running a sale on the GW444.

Please feel free to call me if you are interested. My number is 1-877-220-1963.



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Kris is great to work with. I called her with my needs and received a great quote that same day. The pricing (when buying in bulk) was GREAT!


My last order with Kris was shipped out quickly, prices were fantastic (when buying in bulk)... Kris even took the time to call and make sure my delivery went smooth....

Also the trucking company they used were very polite and they didn't run over my lawn!!! LOL.... (I even gave them a candle!!!)

(The last 18 wheeler that pulled in my driveway drove on my lawn and my neighbors... The dude couldn't drive!!:laugh2: )

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I've only purchased 1 50lb case at a time of the GW464 and they gave me a great price (actually, the best of everyone who sells this wax)!!! No bulk purchase necessary. Great service and fast shipping!!!:yay:

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