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lx wicks

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Depending on where you are from, shipping costs are to be considered (although a wick kit isn't heavy so it doesn't make a whole lot of difference) but if you live on the west side of the country you could try Peak's

or if you live on the east side of the country: candlescience.com is a good company, unfortunately they are currently, *temorarily out of stock* on the LX wick kit.

I have orderd from both suppliers and both are excellent to work with and both have good prices..IMO.

Hope this helps.

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Heck - if all you need is a few of certain sizes if you PM your snailmail I can just pop them in an envelope - its not a big deal.

(I have very few of the smaller sizes, but quite a bit of the 22 and above. You'll have to tab them yourself though as they are the CS ones and had 15mm tabs and I retab those with 20mm ones. They are 6" in length and primed.)

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