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BnL FOs - any recommendations?

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You've absolutely gotta get Olive Blossom, like tlc said. If I had to pick only a handful of oils to use from now on, OB would be near the very top of the list (for b&b especially, though it throws decently in wax also). And Cupid would also be on that list. Cotton Blossom is extremely good, too, and Peppercorn for a masculine scent. Many people rave about All Hallow's Eve, though I didn't really care for it. I've also heard that the Gentlemen's Bay Rum is the best of its type anywhere, though I've not personally tried it yet. Have some coming, though.:grin2:

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I just did a search and found the other post about it. I am browsing now and will be placing my order soon! I am glad that they did the cyclo too. I was trying to wait for the cylco sale next week (BCS though I think)

I will be getting both!

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I just stocked up on this sale too. My favorites from there are:

Cupid--Must have

Blackberry Musk--Must have

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Sweet Pea

Persimmon Spice

Vanilla Nut Bread--Must have

Olive Blossom

Imagine Love

Imagine Peace

All these do great in greanleaf 70/30, ezsoy, & ky125.

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Several of my really good sellers are BNL's.....and pretty much all of them you only need 6 to 8% usage in soy/paraffin blend!! :D

Warm Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sandalwood

Mac Apple

Cucumber Melon

Eucalyptus Spearmint

Blackberry Musk

Gentlemen's Bay Rum (for soap it's wonderful)

Persimmon Spice (May need to wick up)

Peppercorn (need to wick up)

Autumn Leaves

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