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Looking for a true blueberry


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Looking for a true blueberry scent. We live in Maine and therefore we must carry a blueberry scent. (if we could find a moose scent we would carry that too)

I've done a search and ordered a sample of Fresh Blueberry from BCS, but does not smell anything like true blueberry smell oob. Looking for a blueberry without the sweetness or bakery smell

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Good luck, lol. I think it's hard to find pure fruit smells without too much sweetness or bakery to it.

Personally, I tried BCS Blueberry Patch and really liked it. It is definitely not a bakery scent. You get lots of blueberry with a little earth thrown in, so it smells like you're outside in the blueberry patch. I would give it a try, it may be close to what your looking for.

If you do wind up wanting a non-bakery sweet blueberry, JS Candied Blueberries is really great.

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