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Good Recipe??


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I found this recipe and would like some input from you seasoned soapers. Does it look like a good recipe? (Still haven't had time to figure out SOOZ yet, hopefully next week). Also what could I sub for Meadowfoam & Soybean-don't have those? What is sodium lactate and its use? Can I leave that out??I haven't been brave enough to try any milk yet. Do you suppose the coconut milk will cause me probs?

Thanks All;)

  • Olive oil 9 oz
  • Coconut oil 14.4 oz
  • Palm Kernel oil 10 oz
  • Cocoa Butter 9 oz
  • Grapeseed oil 6 oz
  • Walnut oil 5 oz
  • Palm oil 4.1 oz
  • Meadowfoam oil 4 oz
  • Castor oil 4 oz
  • Soybean oil 2.5 oz
  • Almond oil, sweet 2 oz
  • NaOH (5% lye discount) 11.13 oz
  • Liquid 24 oz

*Note: My liquid amount consisted of water 10.1 oz and 13.9 oz of canned coconut milk.

At the end of the "cook" just before molding, I added:

  • Sodium lactate 2.5 oz
  • Ultramarine 1/2 teaspoon (approx. 2-3 ml) premixed into,
  • FO 1.5 oz

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Ok, first of all, sodium lactate makes a much harder far, and imparts a smoother feel to many soap recipies. It's commenly used in HP to keep the batch more fluid toward the end of the process, and used in milky way type molds or pvc molds as it gets hard and pulls away from the mold better than without. You don't have to add it, but you just may like it! I prefer to save mine for my lotion.

Ok, the recipe.. First, I'm going to head to www.thesage.com and go to their lye calculator since this is listed in ounces, since I want to see this recipe in percentages. I took out the meadowfoam and soybean, and added the difference to the olive oil. This of course changes the lye value. Are you familiar with any of the lye calculators?

Almond Oil, Sweet 2 2.86

Castor Oil 4 5.71

Cocoa Butter 9 12.86

Coconut Oil 14.4 20.57

Grapeseed Oil 6 8.57

Olive Oil 15.5 22.14

Palm Kernel Oil 10 14.29

Palm Oil 4.1 5.86

Walnut Oil 5 7.14

Total Weight70

First value is the ounces, second is the percentage this is used.. Are you with me so far?

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Ok, I'm off to bed for the night.. But please don't make this recipe yet..lol

Since we're not on at the same time, have a couple of questions for you that I normally wouldn't have asked til later...

Is there a reason you want to use the walnut oil? It's awful expensive... I would personally if I wanted it just for label appeal drop it down to 3%.

Do you have oily skin? Dry skin? This recipe is super high in cleansing oils, coconut and palm kernal, and will probably suck the life from your skin if it's any kind of dry or even normal. (who knows though, everyone is different).

How big of a batch do you want to make? This recipe is 70 ounces, and that's kinda big for such an expensive batch. (2 pringles cans can hold 3 lbs of soap if that helps..lol)

As soon as I get these answers, we're gonna teach you sooz.. It's intimadating, but once you learn it, it's a snap! To see what a recipe will do (most of the time, it can fool you, but that's in lesson 2) you really really really need to learn sooz...

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Defanitely want to talk to Bunny more before you try the recipe. I'm sure you would be really upset if you spent that pretty of a penny on a recipe and then it riced up on you or something. There's many things that can go wrong not that they will but best to be prepared and know what's happening instead of being caught by surprise. :P I'll be keeping an eye on this thread too as the recipe looks very interesting. Sparking my soap making nerve back up I might just have to give it a try after further instruction. I dont' even know what to expect with those oils. lol



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Fairy Light, all the ricing I've run into so far has been due to the fo's, not the recipe. Get you soap pot ready girl!

Start another thread, tell me what oils you have on hand, what size batch you want to do, and I'll teach you how to build a recipe!

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Well don't know what happened had a huge reply all typed and PAGE NOT DISPLAYED lost it for me. Won't be trying till at least next week. Son getting married Sat. Will be gone till Sunday then work all day Monday. Have small bottle of Walnut oil from grocer, if it does not impart something wonderful to finished product I don't care how much we use. I have combination skin-very dry face in cold weather. I'm not dead set on this recipe-only copied it exactly as I found it on another site. Had all oils but Meadowfoam & Soybean so thought I could try it. Have done 2 successful CP batches (really like my coffee soap) and one flopped(recipe from MMS I believe). Eugenia said the recipe wasn't too good to begin with-no cleansing properties. Which brings me to the next question since you are being so nice-if I grate and rebatch that flopped batch can I add coconut oil at that point to give it some lather or is it just to late? I messed with SOOZ a few weeks ago and was not having luck figuring it out. Usually pretty good at that type of stuff but just didn't get the directions. I really want to learn it though. After the wedding I should have more time to play with it.

Well don't forget me, I may be on sporadically for the next three days what with traveling (2 1/2 hour drive) to and from wedding and getting the whole thing pulled off. Maybe I can try this next week if we get the bugs worked out. Thanks so much to you all for helping, I truly appreciate it.


OH and I would like to make 15-18 bars of this if you think it's a good recipe.

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Connie, in your spare time, grate or cut that soap into small chunks, then you're going to stir it into a new batch of soap - your first confetti soap! I wouldn't rebatch it by itself, as you'd have to add more lye and more coconut/palm kernal, and too much added in rebatch can cause problems with math calculations. Just don't toss it!

The walnut is highly moisturizing, we'll keep it in there, but as a small part. Just let me know when you're ready, will get on the phone with you if needed! Can't wait!

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Just make a new batch of Cp and add the grated soap to it? It was a huge batch also. Might have to make lots of confetti soap. Guess I have a knack for the unusual. It was OMH with added oats. Maybe add to cucumber soap?? Saw an interesting post about using cucumber puree instead of water??? Maybe coffee OMH too. LOL



I never toss anything, I'm a pack rat!!

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