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what does this mean?


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is there susposed to be a certian number you need to be above for the soap qualities like?




bubbly lather

creamy lather



thanks for you help. most may be up to your personal taste but i do not know what iodine and ins is. thanks

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ok, here is the scale:

Summary of values:Hardness36 to 47Cleansing14 to 22Condition45 to 80Bubbly lather14 to 33Creamy lather16 to 35

what if your numbers are:

hardness 46


condition 65

bubbly lather 32

creamy lather 36

iodine 102

ins 146

if some of your numbers are a little higher or lower than the the scale is it ok. or do they have to be dead on. i have been having trouble getting all my numbers exact. thanks

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For me, as a woman in her 40's with delicate skin (matches my delicate personality LOL), I try to keep the cleansing number low. In fact my castile has a cleansing number of 0! But for men, especially sweaty ones, I know it's good to have it higher.

But remember, your dh won't be able to use this, really, for a few weeks after you make it. Not to say he can't, but they won't be at their best and a little time gives any stray lye a chance to work its magic and disappear.

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OK, but I'm going to say that anything that I've made that went over the cleansing numbers was really tight on my skin. Just has been my experience, but damn if I ever could get a 46 on the hardness with the oils I've used.

Your bar should have more creamy lather than bubbles, so hope that's what you're going for. It was driving me nuts to get rid of the creamy lathery types, because I always wanted more and bigger bubbles lol. Not quite sure I've gotten the balance I want either.

Good luck with the recipe. I'd certainly want to hear how it comes out.

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Carrie is right that the numbers aren't written in stone They make a good guide to kind of follow until you figure out what you like in a bar and how you want your bar to perform. In time, you learn what you like and what you don't and how to get it.

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