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Need Help Naming a FO combo!


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Hi! I have been working on some cool baby scents lately. My latest is a mix of Strawberry Jam, Jamaica Me Crazy, and Bedtime Bath (J&J). Problem is, I cant think of a cute name for it. Basically, its strawberries, tropical fruits, lavender, chamomile, and baby powder. I had thought of "Berry Island Baby", but it didnt sound right.

Anybody got any ideas?:D



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I like just "Island Baby", I think that's adorable! Island to me means anything tropical, fruits, berries, whatever. And "Island Baby" conjures up a little nekkid toddler meandering around on the beach with nut-brown skin and a longish, sun-bleached hair with nothing but a diaper on. Other ideas:

Tropical Baby

Baby in the Tropics

Havana (or another specific island or tropical place name) Baby

Sounds delish, I wanna use some!

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