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first ever cp batch


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okay, it's my first so be kind! lol! i cut it too early, but i was anxious! this was made with 50/50 BCN creme brulee and fresh brewed coffee. it morphed and smelled like playdoh, no joke! it's the creme brulee that did it. it turned dark brown and smells nice now, but not like the name. everyone smells some chocolate, but i think it's a visual thing. oh, i mixed in some coffee grounds. hubby likes it for getting grease off his hands,lol.


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well i would recommend grinding them a bit finer,lol...some were a little rough. but they work pretty good actually. i used the grounds from the coffee we had fixed earlier that day. i do wonder if they could absorb some of the original scent. but someone else posted on the BC board that the Creme Brulee on it's own smelled like Playdoh and i just laughed cuz i knew it wasn't just our imagination playing on us...

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