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Personalized warning labels

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You can also get them here:http://www.brownkraftlabels.com/Browse_Item_Details.asp/Item_ID/831054/categ_id/160/parent_ids/0,160/Name/Round_Customized_Candle_Warning_LabelBRSTARTER_PACKAGEBRBUSUALLY_SHIPS_WITHIN_24_HRSb

$50 for 200 personalized labels seems pretty reasonable to me!

I haven't tried them yet, but I've ordered labels from her a few times and have been very impressed with the service.

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I got this email yesterday, HTH.


Starter Package of Candle warning labels customized with your information!

We now have a STARTER PACKAGE for our new customized candle warning labels. 200 customized warning labels (any combination of scents) - you choose design style and size. Customized with your business name, address, phone number, website, etc.

STARTER PACKAGE $50.00 (limited time offer)

Candlemakers face a unique challenge when it comes to labeling their goods. They have so many combinations of products, scent names and sizes - it makes ordering labels from a printer costly and for the most part, way out of the small business budget. We are thrilled to offer you this unique solution.

<DIV>Labels are printed on rolls utilizing Tuff-Coat white-high gloss water-resistant and scratch-resistant label stock. You can now have the professional labels your homemade candles deserve without the cost of other printing processes. Follow the link, fill in the information fields and we will do the rest. There is never a set-up fee. function goReload(formName, controlType, controlName, itemID, theUrl,fName){ for (i=0;i

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