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Home for the Holidays...Hmmm

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I just make the first testers of this scent and I gotta say I'm not crazy about it. It might be due to the Spruce Christmas scent, that I like SOOOO much better but also mecause there is a HUGE THUMB of PINE which I was trying to get away from.

Spruce Christmas doesn't smell like pine, it smells like a Spruce forrest just after a snow fall.

The other thing, I thought there were suppossed to be bakery notes in this and I can't seem to smell them.:( The pine seems to be all I can smell.

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Finally I know others that love this scent as much as me!!! NOT!!!:)

I absolutely hate this scent. grrrrr

And it happens to be my SIL's fav.

My daughter and I made it last year for her. A schnidt pile of it.

We both got so sick of it. YUCK!!!! We had such nasty headaches and upset stomachs. lol

Needless to say, someone else has the rest of it. lol

That's not allowed in my house again. Can ya tell how much I love it? hehe

Glad to meet fellow lovers of it.:laugh2:

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Gosh...Home For The Holidays was my #1 Seller at Christmas last year!! My customers loved it! I just ordered 2 #'s of it so I can start pouring my candles ahead! :) :) :)


well more power to ya Gurl...May the force be with you. LOL

I really think that scent is like spinach, you have to have a taste for it. lol

Good to see someone likes it. Just not my cup of T, But then I don't like T so much, I prefer coffee....:D

This thread is fun.....

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This is the scent of Hollyberry. I got some Hollyberry scent from another distributor several year ago and didn't think it was strong enough so I set it aside.

When I was smelling the candles this afternoon, something began to click. I compared the two scents and they are very similar but the Peaks one is better. And I like it better in the candle than out of the bottle.

Testing will tell but I like the scent of Hollyberry.:shocked2:

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