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Ete Un Rose Savon Pour Femme, Yum!

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I made another batch of CP! It is fragranced with Ete Un Rose. It is swirled with pink oxide, green oxide and rosemary leaves for character, I put it in the fridge to try and prevent a gel. The house smells so lovely, nothing like old Aunt Amelia or anything like that:laugh2: This is the prettiest rose I have ever encountered.




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Thanks everyone!! I've got it bad. I was leaving my house today and I could not remember if I had left my oven on. So the first thing that came mind was not, oh I better go check because I dont want my house and thousands of dollars worth of our property to burn down. Nope, it was "It would be a shame to lose my first decent swirled batch of soap to a fire":laugh2: Which had me out the car in a nanosecond making sure the oven was off, which it was:D

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Oh, it is yummy! Here is the pic of it out of the mold, yes, I am such a teaser:D


Can you see the Rosemary flecks and the green part? They are supposed to represent the leaves of a rose. It did not gel and I love the nice creamy color it has. Its 45% liquid veggie shortening ($13 for a 50 pound jug at Costso) 30% olive and 25% coconut Oil. It has big fluffy bubbles (just from me touchign it to remove the parchment paper. I will cut this in a few hours. Anyhoo, I am about to whip up another bathc of the flowerbomb soap, that whole batch the other day has been accounted for already. Then I will make some laundry soap powder.

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