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Is this a MC exclusive wax?

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I am trying to see if I can find this wax closer to home.... but I have no idea if it is only a MillCreek wax or if it is a typical blend that others carry.

From their website:

MillCreek's All Natural Natural Pillar/Votive Wax

MillCreek is proud to offer you a great All Natural Wax for your pillar and votive candle making needs. MillCreek's All Natural Pillar/Votive Wax makes beautiful free standing candles that is just a joy to work with. Available in pellet form for easy handling, our All Natural Pillar/Votive wax is a mixture of the finest Palm and Coconut oils blended with other natural waxes resulting in candles with an excellent burn and scent throw. This product does not contain any paraffin. See 'How to Make' link at left for complete instructions. Recommend fragrance usage: Wax has a fragrance load of 5-8%.

Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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It might be their proprietary formulation.

But this type of wax is available in the marketplace everywhere.

Find a wax supplier close to you and then decide what you want to use.

What state are you in?

Thank you so much for responding :)

I am in PA. I have only ever used the waxes from MC, so when I am trying to find a new wax... all the different names confuse the heck out of me! I think I have about 5 different windows open right now trying to match up wax names w/ wax properties LOL

Does this wax have a "name" or should I just look for a soy pillar/votive blend that uses coconut and palm oils?

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I use this blend and I love it!!!! It is the easiest wax I have ever worked with. You pour it at exactly 160 degrees. The throws are awesome. Plus it has a smooth creamy texture without any frosting what so ever. I have questioned MC what their exact ingredients are and they will not disclose any info other than it is all vegetable and no soy or paraffin present. I honestly won't go with another smooth pillar brand because I am absolutely pleased with this wax. Someone a long time ago mentioned it might be www.spwax.com/

But if anyone uses soy pillar/votive blend try this wax you won't go back it is that simple.

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like i said in my post they don't know what's all in it because the manufacturer will not tell them. i think it is mostly palm, i like it and very easy to work with, no soy, no frosting. i have tried a sample of gb 474 votive & pillar blend which has soy in it and i get a better throw with the one from mc.

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