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Have to RAVE on MaryAnn - 4theluvofjam


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:):yay: :yay: :yay:

I ordered one of her kids sunday dishes that she posted earlier. MAN-O-MAN! That thing is awesome, and my daugther is going to LOVE it when she sees it. BUT that's not even the best part!

She packed that box with loads of goodies along with the order!! LOVE IT..

It's all wonderful..

Along with my order she sent 4 GENEROUS CP sample soap bars, a salt bar, a shampoo bar - that I LOVE! - wait, wait, there's more.. She also sent some sample wax melts, 2 bath melts, an nope, wait there's MORE!!

She sent a "summer sample pack" which included a lip balm, powdered bubble bath, a foot scrub w/foot spray, a whipped sugar body scrub which is WONDERFUL!!, and also a whipped shea butter sample.

I haven't had a chance to sample everything yet, but what I have sampled so far has been so nice! She was very easy to deal with, and I'm just lovin all the kindness she's shown me. :)

I will definitely be doing business with her again, and would recommend that if you see something you like from her GET IT! lol

Okay, I'm done gushin, but seriously, her stuff is awesome.

Just thought I would share. :)

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Her stuff is nice and she is very generous with the samples. She made a soap with an embedded picture in it (kinda like a hurricane candle only it's soap)for my little niece's 2nd birthday a few months ago. It's a very kewl looking soap and something she will cherish for a long time. 2 thumbs up for Maryann:thumbsup:

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I've got to agree with you both...she is awesome and so are her products....I ordered a goody box for the kids as a surprise because Mommy always got boxes...and they felt left out....they absolutely loved everything she sent and so did I....she definitely has a return customer in me!!! her goody box has drastically reduced fussiness at bathtime!!!!

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Another one here that agrees!!! Her stuff rocks the house down.

I havent posted toher yet, but i just recieved a goodie box in the mail from her. She knows i love the satsuma so she sent me a bunch of goodies! I cant wait to start trying them!!!

Thanks Maryann!!

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I ordered last week and WOW!!! MaryAnn is fantastic! Not only did she send me my order and generous samples....she knew I was looking for a bath salt recipe to make with my kiddos..AND SHE SENT ME ONE!!! The recipe even came complete with a little dendritic salt to get me started! And knowing that I'm a "TartAddict", she even threw in some tarts! Talk about above and beyond. I think I've taken 10 baths since yesterday, LOL. I'm obsessed with her bath goodies (the melts are to die for!)! Thank you, MaryAnn!! You definitely know how to keep a customer happy :) :)

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