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A good Peppercorn FO


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Hello everyone,

A customer would like me to make Peppercorn comparable to "Aromatique" not sure on the name. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase? I have had a hard time finding this FO - WSP and BCS had some but I haven't had luck with theirs.

Any suggestions are appreciated!


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BnL's Peppercorn is not an Aromatique dupe. Not even close.

I didn't say it was a dupe nor did I mean to imply it was. I said it was very nice. And, maybe to me it does smell like a dupe - all our noses are different. KWIM? Out of all the peppercorns I have smelled (and they all smell similiar to me) BNLs is by far the best. :wink2:

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I have a sample candle the store who wants me to make a peppercorn scent gave me as a guide - and if I'm not mistake I smell an undertone of mint or peppermint and stronger notes of spice - but I can't describe it - ug!! - maybe butter and cinnamon?

I'm struggling because this store is considering carrying my candles - it could be a "huge" account - but their first scent they are wanting is this da@# peppercorn before I can get them to committ.

Thanks for everyone's help and comments....

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