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question about %

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okay, let's see if i understand this or have it slightly backwards.

do I had the fo as a part of the % such as:

87.75% soy wax

4.00% beeswax

2.00% frostop

6.25% fo

or should I be doing:

94% soy wax

4% beeswax

2% frostop

and then add 6.25% FO of that total weight

I think that I get it right and then I get confused so I would greatly appreciate your quick replies.

TIA, Jenn

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The first way would be fine and it's the simplest if there's a certain amount of material you want to make.

Similar to your second method, some people consider the wax blend and the candle blend separately. The wax blend would be what you wrote and the candle blend would be 93.75% wax blend and 6.25% FO.

The second method is kind of like pretending to use a preblended wax, except you blend it yourself. The first method gives a slightly different result but it's not a problem if it works well for your products. Also less mucking around if you want to program it into a spreadsheet.


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Just to put a different spin on it. You were correct and so was Top, but it took me a really long time to figure out the %'s because I am math-challenged.

An example - I'll use 10% FO because it is easy.

If you want to make a 7 oz candle that is your starting point and you go backwards from there.

wax 7.0 oz = 100%

less 0.7 oz FO = 10%

equals 6.3 oz wax = 90%

If you include other additves they would still be taken from the total. So if you add vybar at 6% then you formula would be.

wax 7.0 oz = 100%

less 0.7 oz FO = 10%

less .42 oz Vybar = 6%

equals 5.88 oz wax = 84%

The more additves you add the lower the % of wax.

Hope that helps!


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Jenn, I use your second method...

Wax Weight (X) % of FO = Total amount of FO to use..

(16 oz wax) X (6.25%) = (1oz of FO) to 16oz of wax.

Either way will work.. I have seen people do it both ways..

Just pick the formula that is the easiest for you to use/calculate and stick with that one.:cool2:

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