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FO Load of up to 20% with Universal Soy Additive

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Jason from GB feels that a composition of 90-95% soy wax, and 5-10% universal soy additive, increases max FO retention to about 20% total, for the wax. Now, having said this, and, assuming it's true (and I did verify with him we were talking about a 20% total load, as opposed to INCREASING BY 20%), my questions are two-fold:

1-Would this much USA have the same effect as adding too much Vybar, which binds the oil and actually weakens a wax's hot throw?

2-Would adding this much USA change the wax's properties, such as melt point, etc?

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From what I've gleaned from the many posts from our resident chemist, topofmurrayhill, USA is a vegetable based emulsifier. It definitely has a higher MP than soy, since it is the last to melt when I heat the stuff in a pour pot with soy. It should raise the MP of the soy, not sure if it makes the soy harder. As far as excessive amounts binding the FO, I don't believe it does. I have used up to 5% and got good cold throw. I'm not sure anyone would want a candle to have a 20% FO load, that would be pretty hard on sensitive nasal and eye tissue, unless one were burning it in a large house with ceiling fans, and wanted to have one candle to smell up the whole house. And also consider the increase in a candle's cost with that much FO. 20% load in a 16 oz candle is 3.2 oz, and at $1 per oz that drives the selling price up by $6.00.

Not that there's anything wrong with that :D


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