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aroma beads


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I sell a ton of these year round.. best seller for me.. are anything fresh..

downy april fresh

but i make lots of others

black cherry bomb from ng

clothespins from ra

honey gardenia from snowtop

everything seems to go.. people love them !!!

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We fugured out today that it was costing us about $1.00 to make each one (organza bag, beads, FO). What would be a reasonable price to ask for these?

Thanks so much!


I figured the same cost for mine. I sell them for $4.00 each for a 1.5 oz bag. The rule of thumb that I go by is 4x your cost for retail and 3x for wholesale. You can also package the beads in polypropelene bags without the organza bags. I charge $2.00/oz. for the beads alone.

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Aroma Beads are these little plastic-type pellets that absorb fragrance oil.

You can add color, and/or a little Mica to make them shiney and purdy.

They absorb the FO and are dry to the touch once absorbtion is complete.

You put them into sachet, or muslin bags and use them as air fresheners. If it's just for yourself, use an old stocking.

I keep one in my linen closet, and in the drawers.

They can also be used to make scented ornaments for a Christmas Tree, or as a hanging air freshener for the car...they melt in the oven.

They last a few months when scented.

Bitter Creek has them with instructions on their site. Good price, versatile, easy to work with, and a nice project to get the kiddos involved in on a rainy day.

I like them because sachets are so hard to find, and it is really a neat old-fashioned thing. A nice novelty.

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