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Astorlite V wick ?

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Does anyone use this? I just got some to try, and am burning some testers now. I (naively) assumed that my trusty 36-24-24z wicks would work well, but they are struggling. I wicked up to a 44-24-18 z and also a 44-32-18z. The 44-24 is still struggling, and the 44-32 is a little slow. However, even with the sluggish burn the scent throw seems to be very good. Any wick sugggestions on this wax? TIA!

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Palm needs a very hot wick to burn it and zincs are the coolest burning of the wicks, so you are not going to get a good burn with zincs. I had good luck with HTP's in mine.....here is another thread with some other ideas. Also, if you do a search, you will likely find even more.


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