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Current ICU Patient

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In a blotched suicide attempt at work earlier this week, one of our brand new portioning scales jumped from the top of the oven to the ceramic tile floor about 5 foot below. The scale was badly damaged upon impact and would not power on even after repeated attempts to hook it up to the charger and direct connect it. Frustrated, my boss decided upon inspection that it was DOA and rendered it to me for an autopsy (parts and dissassembly) since he could not find the warranty papers and it could not be replaced without buying a new one anyway.

I brought it home, and The Man took it apart to find that the rechargable battery cable was disconnected from the circuit board. After surgery that consisted of soldering the cable back to the board, the patient powered on and has fully recovered, minus a few bumps on the removable tray and a scratch or two on the stainless steel case.

Can you say free scale?

I knew you could!


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