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Healing Garden Wild Honey

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Hi everyone! I havent posted in a while, been super busy! I started a new job, 45 hours a week, big change from being a stay at home mommy! lol. Anyway, I was at work the other day, and this girl I work with smelled SOOOO good! I asked her what she was wearing and she said It was from Walmart, the Healing Garden, Wild Honey Body Spray. MAN it smells good!!! So, I went and got myself some lol. I soaked myself in it too LOL. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone might have any idea where to find fragrance oil that smells like this!! The description is something like...organic sweet wild honey, pink peony, and fresh hydrangea. I dont like florals, but this to me just smells like honey. It smells sooo good! It is in the cosmetics section at walmart. The brand i guess is "the healing garden". Its called Wild Honey. Anyone know where to find oil in this scent? i am hoping someone knows! :D

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I don't have an answer for the FO but I know what product you are refering to. There was a tester out in the store and I liked it so much that I went back and bought a bottle. I don't normally care for heavy floral perfume either. I haven't located a Honey FO that is close to this scent. Each supplier's Honey FO are all different IMO. I think it might be difficult to duplicate this particular one because it is a combo of different scents. If you find one that you think smells like it please post a follow up. Good luck!

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