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Wax sticking to jar

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Hi everyone! This is my first post on this board. Until now, I've been lurking from a distance.

I am a beginner and I am starting with an 8 oz jelly jar. I have made several candles using the following recipe:

6.5 oz wax (IGI 4786)

.4 oz scent - Strawberry Jam from BCN


Color block - red with a bit of black

I heat the wax to 175 degrees, add dye and FO, mix well, and pour into a preheated jar.

The candle looks really pretty and burns good. I am not noticing a "Wow" hot throw, and there is a tad of wax sticking to the jar. It's not really hangup - just blotches of wax that hasn't slid down the jar. This is 5th burn and it doesn't look like it's going to slide down. Do you have any idea why or what I need to do? I am thinking that a 51z will be to big as the candle burns further down. The 44z works good other than a bit of wax left on the jar. Can you help me? :(



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I used to use 4786, but since have switched to a different blend. I have used the 51's with an 8 oz jelly before and it was fine. If you have any 51's I would try one and test it. Are you burning it for 4 hours at a time? I had one candle I'm testing now that didn't get the complete melt pool until about 3-1/2 hrs. It was in a 9oz hex jar.

Good luck to you.

Ps...If you have any soot problems using the 4786 and the Zinc wicks, try a 60/40 blend of 4786 and 4627. I switched to that for awhile and my candles came out far better, never had a soot problem after that, and wet spots were reduced almost to none.

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Thanks for the help! I am burning it 4 hours at a time. It's looks almost like vaseline on the side of the jar when it's burning. It's clear when the candle is burning, but when the candle cools it is wax. It's just little spots here and there that give the jar an unclean look. There is also a film left but from what I understand that is normal.

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Thanks for the reply. I'm just wondering... What are the benefits in mixing these two? I've noticed that many people do. I poured another candle a few minutes ago that's a blend of 4786 and straight paraffin. I'll see what happens. I'm not noticing a wow smell yet.

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I was using J50 and 51Z wick in my 1/2 pt jelly jar and also in the 8 oz. I melted 1 lb and used 1 1/2 oz FO. They burned clean as a whistle all the way to the bottom, scent throw was great also. I'm testing a new wax JS 123 and new jars, 9 oz melting pot, having some wicking problems and wax sticking now with this combo. Hope I helped a bit! Dee

BTW...new wax, JS123....not a wet spot, J50....lots of wet spots

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