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WAHM Web Sites ??

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I currently have an account with - SugarAndSpiceAromas.Com

at a WAHM web site place , but my friend is taking this name over and I am opening a new one called - Country Creations ... Now , problem is my WAHM site is not responding to emails and the tele # provided is disconnected . This is a very popular site and I dont understand how I can get into my account and change the name and web address w/o there help .

So , does anyone know of a place that has Web Page to build .

I did'nt know what I was doing and that site was rather easy to understand , and I am hoping for another EASY place to get one at ..

Any suggestions ?

Thank yall in advance for answering too :)

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I built my site with DIYestores.com. It was easy and believe me I didn't know a whole lot about building a site. They have always responded in a timely manner with my questions. I like this site a lot because I can change anything on my site whenever I want. HTH:D

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My website is through Wahm's as well.

I am fed up with just about every email I recieve saying spam in the subject line. Even if it's from people on my list!

Other than that I love Wahm's.

I thought I was the only one getting the spam heading for my emails. LOL thank goodness I am not alone. I do know that I sent an email to Tony with HELP!!! in the subject line and had a response within a few minutes, but I sent that through my yahoo account, my other account that is linked to my isp never got a response.

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