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Peak's UV vs BCN's

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I've just started making rustic pillars and have been doing loads of research and keep seeing UV Inhibitor as a necessity (not that I sell yet but like to get in the "habit" of doing things the right way) for retaining color in candles.

There's such a price discrepancy between Peak and BCN and I'm wondering what I'm missing and/or not seeing...

Peak's is 8oz of UV Inhibitor for $12.90 or 1lb for $19.90

BCN is 2oz of UV Color Stabalizer (or their 2 part UV Inhibitor) for $7.95 or 1lb for $39.95

The usage is the same (1/2 t pp) so Peak's is obviously much cheaper but why such discrepancy? Is BCN's that much better than Peak's?

And yes - I know everyone charges different prices for things, etc...I just want to get the "best" for my application but "best" does not necessarily equate to move expensive...kwim?

I usually only order from Peak's in fo coops as BCN is much much closer to me for shipping wax, etc.

Thanks - Jen

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Make sure which ever you buy incorporates both UV rays......that may be the difference, don't know, never tried those companies. The good stuff isn't cheap, but worth every penny if your colored candles fade!! :cool2:

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