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ISO..Clear 6oz bullet bottles


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...I can't find these anywhere but WSP and they are now on their surplus list..DARN IT!

I just got back into b&b and the bottles I just bought are now going to not be available when sold out. I have to start over now..to find just the right bottle unless I can find them somewhere for about the same price.


I will have to rework/reprint and re do my website and everything if I can't find these..or something similar..they don't have to be clear I guess.:undecided

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They HAVE to be 6oz..I got brochures printed..they are on my site..I have sent out a few wholesale flyers..and now I have to re-do everything..soooooo frustrating. I need 6oz clear bullet bottles.


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Do they have to be clear? I use 6 oz size too, and the ones I buy come in either frosted or white.

I personally like the clear because I color my B&B stuff and like to see that. But it really does not matter at this point cause I have to change regardless.:(

I think I am going to just up to the 8oz..it only raises my price by $1.50.. and it is better than the 4oz cause then you are mostly paying for the bottle and not the product.:undecided

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PET 6 oz. Clear Cosmo Rounds without caps 4038C-410-12.gif"Choose any of our 24-410 size caps, pumps or sprayers separately. Order 12 or more of this item and receive a 10% discount."

Cap Size: 24-410

Package Quantity: 12


These are 6 ouncers and is just another name for bullet. Bullet/Cosmo is the same thing. This is from the link I posted above

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