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old candle containers

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I don't KNOW anything for a certainty, but just thinking about reheating glass & glass getting weaker w/ reheating .... that doesn't sound right to me. Just think about all the glassware we put in the oven & dishwasher. Granted, most things going in the oven are a bit thicker than what one might use for a candle container. Nevertheless, I don't really believe that glass gets weaker because it's reheated .... though high temps might be a factor.

Does anyone reheat their glass containers over 200*? Whenever I put my containers in the oven to melt out residual wax, I set the oven temp at 150*. I've never had any issues. HOWEVER, to be on the safe side, I do inspect the glassware.

I guess the real question might be: at what temp does glass start to melt? Maybe the answer might vary based on its ingrediants - color & other additives, etc.

I'll tell you one thing for sure: hot glass that comes into contact w/ something cool & wet will shatter in a nano-second! One time I had placed a glass pot lid over a burner, & days later turned on the burner in preparation of cooking something. When I realized I had turned on the wrong burner, I used a wet dish cloth, which I was using for wiping the counter, to remove the lid & boom! glass pieces were everywhere!!

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OK--I know we shouldn't sell containers that candles have been burned in. But I have a different question--I seem to have gotten a bad batch of wick stickers and have had quite a few wicks pull out of the jars when I pull up on them while applying my wick holders. When that happens, I pour that wax out into another wicked jar and put the original jar (with residual wax on the sides) into the oven to melt that wax off.

It never occurred to me not to treat those jars as new jars since they haven't been really "used," but now that I think about it, they have been heated, so are they safe to sell?

TIA for any opinions,


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Thats something I learned when I first started making candles, never to burn a container candle and then re-use the jar (or sell the jar) . I remember reading something about the glass cracking from re-use. I never researched it tho, I just decided that I wouldnt re-use jars, just to be on the safe side.

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