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Eco Soy Advanced

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Hi, I use Eco Soy Adv and love it. So creamy love the texture. I don't color mine love the white and my customers do also. I have been getting sink holes around the wick. Heat the jars, put in covered box and pour at 125. I use quality FO. I heard that 1/2 tea Stearic per pound cures that problem. Any ideas for the sink holes? I'm getting real tired of this. What are the best wicks for this to get a steady flame and large melt pool for pint and quart jars? I've been using CD. Thanks all - Johann

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Hi Johann,

#1- do not use stearic in soy- it is for paraffin.

try playing w/the pour temps. right now I am pouring around 115-120. I do cover w/a box, but I do not have to preheat my jars this time of year.

as far as wicks go, I use LX and RRD

CandleScience has a new wick guide on the site, that gives recommendations for each type of wax w/jar size.

HTH ;)

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Stearic isn't just for paraffin.

I also use Stearic sometimes in my soy and a lot in my bath & body products.

As for the sinkholes, when I tried cooling them slower, like the box method, I got sinkholes badly. I think the tall jars were more prone to it. I would try cooling them outside the box just once and see if that helps. I think your CD wicks should be fine in this wax.

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