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Help with this Tart question

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How can someone sell this many tarts at such a low price, considering ebay fees and paypal fees and make a profit. Is there something I am missing? 250 tarts $3.49? with only $3.99 shipping...then the fees. If this is anyone from the boards auction, this is not a slam....just a scratcha my heada.....


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I have one of those small 'scent chip' molds - holds about 1 1/2 # of wax and makes over 500 of those scent chips....(BTW thanks to TBear for the mold!)

They are very small - diameter of a dime (actually a bit smaller)....

All of that being said, she is still selling very cheaply....when I googled Scent Chips I found they charge $6.99 for 6 oz.....(I think that was the cost)

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