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Selling wholesale ~ Any do's & don'ts?

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I got an email from a lady in my town who was wondering if I sold 'wholesale'. She sells natural products through baskets and personal sales.

She was wondering if my soaps would qualify as natural products.

She is making the greatest effort to ensure that all of the products she carries are as natural and ethical as possible.

Any do's and don't about selling wholesale?

What kind of contract should I make and have signed?

I would be really upset if the labels were removed, as I've

heard that has happened to people before.

What would be a realistic wholesale price for soaps that

are normally priced at $4.00 each, or 3 for $10?

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There will be others to help you with your question that has the experience.

I just had a thought on your label issue.

Can you place your label under your shrink wrap?

If this is how you package your product.

Not so easy to peel off a label if it is under wraps LOL

If you don't like the price of wholesale consider cosignment since she is local.

Good Luck ! :wave:

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I personally do not do contracts. That's just me. But if you do not want her to remove your information, then you should have one.

I do have a minimum in place for $ amount and full cases.

As far as your price. If you are selling it retail for $4.00, then wholesale should be $2.00. Which would mean that it cost you $1.00 to make. If this is incorrect as far as how much it cost you to make, you need to either raise the wholesale/retail price or just accept the smaller profit per item.

As far as the 3/$10.00, that's just your retail deal, it doesn't come into play with your wholesale/retail price.


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I dont have answers for you questions.. but congrats on the opertunity! I hope that it works for you and that you can figure out what you need to do to have whole sale work for you... you may want to ask about consinment too... if she would let you do that it may get you better profit.


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I emailed the lady back regarding the wholesaling, after figuring out what would be worth it for me. I set a discount price of 22% and will see what

she thinks. I also asked her about removal of the labels, and if that was something she was planning on doing. I will let you know what she says

when I hear back.

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So the lady regarding my soap got back to me and had a few options for right now. She doesn't mind having my label on the soap for now.

However, once she gets her website up and running she wants to purchase by the batch and make her own labels that would still have my business name on it but not the website. I would make the soap and she would package it and label it with her label and the phrase *Another Creation by Soap In The City*, she says it makes the look more consistent because all of the labels look similar but still gives credit where credit is due. She was sure to let me know that she didn't ever want to suggest that the soap / product is made by her, and is proud of the relationships she has built with other handcrafted product makers and always want to promote supporting homebased business.

She was fine with my 22% discount (with a 20 bar minumum)!!

So this is looking good! I am meeting with her shortly and I will give her some samples and a brochure!!

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!!!!!

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