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Body Splash


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What was your recipe? Did you use any alcohol at all?

Remember, just by having it sit around to see if anything grows won't actually tell you if there is anything in there. You would actually have to have it tested to make sure, but if you are using alcohol - that will self preserve itself at 21% of your recipe.

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Hi, I used a pre made body splash base, which after it reached room temp it turned cloudy:sad2: I am not sure if this base has alcohol in it or not. The ingredients does not list alcohol but I was advised it has a preservative in it. So, is it ok to sell? I am in no hurry to sell this product but in the future wanted to make sure I was selling a good product:smiley2: Any suggestions as how to get rid of the cloudiness? Thanks!

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If it is a premade base, it should be fine. Every company that sells wholesale should have all their products already tested.

Probably got cloudy because of the FO. I could never make a body splash that wasn't cloudy, that was another reason I got rid of it.

Could you list the ingredients?

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