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Photos on candles safe to burn?

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It may say "enigma" under my name now, but I'm still pretty clueless about a lot of things. I made a photo-embedded hurricane for a workmate when I first started out, and it was perfect! It was a photo of his brand new baby girl and he and his wife absolutely loved it. He asked me yesterday if I could do some for his relatives too, and I opened up my big mouth and said yes. He wants TEN of them! By Friday! The one I did for him a couple of months ago took no time at all, so I wasn't too concerned about these ones, but I just cannot seem to get them to work! I swear I've tried this at least a dozen times today, and all I get are air bubbles all over the photo, or it's lopsided, or the wax sticks in the mold. I'm using exactly the same method as I did for the original one, but it's just not a happening thing this time around. I give up. :mad:

I think putting a photo on the outside of a pillar is much easier, but are they safe to burn? Time is against me, so I can't make one to test. The only one I've ever made was for a friend and that was for decoration only. I was hoping someone has made one of these in the past?

Sorry for the long-winded way of going about asking a simple question! :o


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Honestly, I don't think I would try it. You are putting paper into a candle with a wick!!!! Sounds like a fire waiting to happen to me.

On your hurricanes make sure your wax is around 200 degrees. Anytime I seem to be in a hurry with one of these buggers is when I have a lot of air bubbles and the picture moves around.

Good Luck!!!

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Thanks guys, but I don't need to worry about the safety of photo candles now. He and his wife ONLY want hurricanes, so hopefully with Donita's help, I'll be able to oblige. Fingers crossed! :cheesy2:

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