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Votive Boxes

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I am looking for somewhere that I can purchase small amounts of CHEAP votive boxes that hold 6 votives. I also would like ones that hold 12 votives. I have seen many sites that have them, but are like $1 each. I cant afford that and my customers wont pay that much more (I doubt), but I prefer to have boxes rather than the cello bags because the votives are rubbing on eachother and causing nicks, scrapes, and bumps.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank ~~ Pam

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I have some boxes - they are not made specially for votives though. Here's a pic of what the box design looks like (not the actual box, but the look of it) - the actual dimensions of the boxes are 6" (length) x 4.5" (width) x 4.5" (depth). They are white high gloss, one piece boxes. I think these would be good to hold 12 votives in, but you will have a little bit of room surrounding them. I was going to use them, then decided against selling in 12's, and I was just going to fill the room with crinkle paper.


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We've tried the box above with the 6 votives in it and really like those. We've also tried another box that said it fit 6, but you have to manuever the votives around to get that. One thing we've found, they still need to be wrapped to keep from getting the scraps etc. so we shrink wrap ours.

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