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I'm looking for column molds-can anyone help me?


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I'm looking for tube/column molds, plain tubes and also shaped tubes to put inside the plain tubes, has anyone bought these or know of a reputable company that sells them?

I went to one site that had what I was looking for but when I put the stuff in my shopping cart, I saw that they charge a $5 service charge for orders under $35 and also a "handling" charge of $2.50 on all orders!! Add in the shipping charges and :shocked2: :shocked2: That's ridiculous!!



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I have a heart shaped tube mold, but after the first disaster, I haven't tried it again. I was told to get 3" pvc pipe, put plastic wrap over the bottom and cris-cross over that with duct tape (and one piece making a ring around the mold). I'm thinking of trying this on the heart mold to keep the soap from pouring out the bottom cap. From what I understand, most all the shaped bread/sopa mold tubes leak soap bad.I haven't tried yet, cince I haven't gotten to a hardware store, but the shaped molds may fit in a 3" pvc tube. I'll have to measure it. I've seen alot of the tube mold sets on ebay as well ar other sites, but some are outrageously priced.

I don't know which site you were at, but here's a couple I've found...





Fraid I can't help with reputable, but it seems like I've heard good things about scottcrew, but I may be thinking of someone else. Ok, so not much help here...LOL ;)

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Thanks for the help. I'll look at those sites Cheryl, and also check Ebay. I did notice on one site, it said to add about 1/2" of soap to the column molds, and then let it set up, to kind of seal the bottom, then add the rest of the soap to the mold, I wonder if that would really work?

So Cheryl, you had a disaster with your heart mold? Did it leak all over or what? :shocked2: I didn't even think about that, I guess I just assumed if they were made for soap and such that they would make them so they wouldn't leak. :rolleyes2 Wishful thinking I guess.

I did see some really nice tube molds, that looked like plastic with a rubbery type plastic cap, they seemed like they would hold the warm soap in better??? Not sure though, but that's the site that charged the $5 and $2.75 :rolleyes2

I'd just really like to make some cute embedded soaps and it seemed like it would be easier to make a log type and cut them rather than doing individual embeds and then adding them to individual bar molds, KWIM?

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I have done M&P in a round tube mold. I got mine off Ebay and the directions said to add about a half inch of soap in the bottom of the tube and let it set up then pour the rest. I have used the mold 3 times. Once I followed the directions and it worked without leaking. Twice I was too impatient to follow the directions and tried the duct tape etc and man did I make a mess and waste a lot of soap base :embarasse

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Well, I had gotten mine in the classifieds and it didn't have instructions with it, I've never heard about the inch part before. That might work if the base is thicker, mine was really thin because I was trying to swirl in it. I bet the silicone ones would seal better. Also I believe these type molds were origionally designed for bread dough, which wouldn't leak.

You asked if the mold leaked. Did you see the pic of my kitchen? I'll add it again. Can always use a good laugh.:laugh2: Oh yeah, don't use a stick blender in a measuring cup either! :eek: There was a whole lot more soap on the floor than the counter LOL


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