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Candle Newbie

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I have been researching candles for several weeks and am going to try to make some container candles. I can't decide if I should get straight soy or a soy blend and then there are SO many suppliers. I know that this board is sponsored by Peak and they are actually on my list of suppliers I have read good things about (yay) but I really am looking for direction for a first time candler...Please??? Thank you!

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Soy/paraffin blends work better than all-vegetable waxes, so that would be my vote.

Start with the suppliers nearest you, especially for wax, and see what they have. As part of the newbie ritual you get the suppliers by state links.



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Thanks for the lists!

FOr a first timer, does anyone recommend a container blend? I am trying to decide between the EcoSoya 135, EZSoy, IGI1945, and Astorlite. WOuld love feedback (any supplier hints would be great too!) LOL

Here's my personal perspective on the waxes.

Unless you have a strong inner conviction that waxes derived from cooking oil are better, I'd pass over the CB-135 and EZSoy. A mix of paraffin and veggie makes a good product and seems to be catching on. The 70/30 from Green Leaf has been getting good reviews and something like IGI 6006 might be interesting. The paraffin container blends all work and are a matter of preference. I gathered some info from the forum members not long ago that might help you decide what to try first. If you search on "survey" it should pop up.

Peak Candle Supplies has nice starter kits. I know you were considering them as a supplier. Maybe just get the container starter kit to get your feet wet. It comes with IGI 4630 "Harmony Blend".

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Thank you! :) I am so excited to learn more! Addiction is right, I haven't even started actually making them yet and I am already addicted! :)

I can so relate to this,,,LOL,,I had been reading and collecting info for about a year. Then I started to perfect AND learn hands on through this forum of information. Test Test Test,,,,LOL

Serious though Top is right :-),,,,Get the kit,,Peaks is the best for the money when you add it all up seperately. Their FO's are wonderful,,the 4630 Harmony Blend is a good wax,,,,

I started with Peaks Pillar Kit and the 4625. I love this wax too,,,

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Well, I am going to go in a different direction and recommend the EZSoy or KY Puresoy. I have tested many many diff. waxes and blends and I always end back up at the straight soy and add my 3% beeswax to it, for cosmetic purposes. I have to say that some of the blends are nice, they throw a few of the lighter FO's that my soy won't. But I also have some that throw excellent in my soy, but don't in the blends. But all in all, I get a great throw from my wax with most of my FO's I use. If it doesn't throw, I don't use the FO. Best thing to do is get a sample 2 or 3 of the straight soy and soy blends and test them for yourself. Good luck and welcome to the board.

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