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Any suggestions needed !!


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Hi yall ! .... Hope someone can help me here with a reallyy BARFY fragrance I got . Fresh Mown Grass...... The description of it looked really pretty interesting AND ( kicker) it was 'on sale' ...Now I know why !!...they know they screwed up by getting this nose hair , eye brow burning rancid ODOR...has anyone had the unfortunate task of taking a whiff of this ? If so is there ANY way to salvage it just a tad ???

It might be beyond repair !

but thanx for trying , if ya can !!

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This is what the ingredients read....I thought hhmmmm..maybe interesting....Based off this, would any of yall bought this ?..Maybe Im weird !!?? ................And I really hate saying where I got this as I LOVE this company and everything else Ive gotten from them. ANd mind you Im new ( I know, no excuse !..hehehe) and maybe I havent gotten this reading ingredients and putting a aroma together in my head down pact..

But here 'tis ..what do yall think ??

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