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wanting to do dipped tapers,,,

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You need a low oil content wax. Most of the dip and carve waxes are good for dipped tapers. 1343 can be used for dip and carve, so I would guess it would also be ok for tapers.

The low oil content will allow the layers to stick better. I would guess that scented tapers are mostly molded or lightly scented dipped wax.



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I've made some molded and dipped tapers with 1343 and 5-10% stearic. I overdip them with 156* wax and they don't drip. I use 15 ply flat braid wick. Never made any scented ones though. They wouldn't have much scent throw since the melt pool is so small.

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I use 1343 with 8% sterine and 2% micro then I over dip my tapers in strait sterine for the crystal effect they come out beautiful.:P

Good luck and have fun!

Thats what I was looking for. I new there was a better chance of tapers working in a recipe that added the 8% Sterine & 2% micro.

What I really like is that one can cause the crystal affect by dipping in Straight Sterine. Thanks so much and thank you for everyones input. I really appreciate it. :cheesy2:

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