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Peak Fragrance Oils Backordered

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Peak Fragrance Oils Backordered

Amish Harvest

Apple Jack & Peel

Baby Powder Fragrance

Banana Nut Bread

Blackberry Sage

Blueberry Muffin

Cabernet Grape




Coconut Banana Blast

Country Garden

Cucumber Melon

Emerald Pear

French Vanilla

Fresh Linen

Fruit Slices


Georgia Peach

Ginger Passion

Honeydew Melon


Juicy Pineapple

Key Lime


Lemon Pound Cake


Macintosh Apple

Mango Papaya


Pink Sugar


Purely Peppermint

Rose Bouquet

Sage & Lemongrass

Spring Rain

Stargazer Lily


Sugar Cookie

Sweet Pea

Tall Grass

Vanilla Mint

Warm Apple Pie


44 of Peaks Fragrance Oils are on Backorder. Just wondering why so many on Backorder, It would seem to be good business to keep allot on hand seeing as how popular they are! Has anyone ordered any of these recently? How long did you have to wait? Or are you still waiting?

JMO . . . .

Thanks !;)

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Tuesday I ordered cinnamon, jamacia Me crazy, and coconut milk, got the Jamacia me crazy and coconut milk Friday, I knew the cinnamon was on back order, but thought it wouldn't take too long to get it because once before I ordered cinnamon bun on back order but it only took 3 days longer to get it. I got an email Friday saying that a lot of FO that were back ordered got put on the wrong trucks and it might be the 18th or 19th before they could be sent out.

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I'm very sure that Peaks does it's very best to keep the scents well stocked but let's not forget that for most of us, we are heading into the busiest season namely the fall and the holidays so chandlers all over the country are stocking up now! There is a HUGE push on candles during the fall and holidays and I'm sure that Peaks will be increasing their volumes accordingly. They know what sells and when. This also means that we are getting the freshest scented oils possible! I really don't want oils that have been sitting in a warehouse for eight or ten months. I will soon be placing my fall and holiday orders with Peaks and no matter what, They are always worth the wait!:cool2:


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That pretty much explains it and it's not in Peaks control.

Yep you're right and they do take the time to send an email and explain what is going on, and they did offer to send me a refund, but of course I don't want a refund. Peaks has the best FO that I have used so I'd rather wait on my FO than to settle for a FO from another company that doesn't smell as good. They are right on the money most of the time. They are my fav to order from. Just as Fire and Ice put it, Peaks rock.

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